I have a number of clients and colleagues who rarely post on LinkedIn. “No one would be interested in my perspective.” “I don’t know what to say that has not been already.” “I hate writing.”

Bah! If you do not publish here you will be forgotten. You do not want that.

Said a better way, being open and relied on as a provider of high-quality content, as often as you have something to add to the mix, which should be fairly frequently if you are indeed an expert in your field worthy of hiring, will make you relatable, relevant, referable. You want that.

Sometimes you receive inspiration from what others introduce you to. In this case, my new colleague and networking friend Cheryl Dixon, strategic communications consultant and professor at Columbia University, showed some fascinating material in a recent meeting and I thought so highly of it that I took it in, thought further about it, added to it, and present it to you to consider as well, through my LinkedIn lens. Thanks Cheryl!

I hope you gain some new inspiration in your daily business journeys that releases your pent-up content machine:

  • Strive to add to the global conversation on LinkedIn
  • Offer your perspective, professional expertise, and thought leadership
  • Know you are helping others in your PLN (personal learning network)
  • Make a noble contribution to the global professional knowledge base.

Be content to add new content, quality over quantity, but with reliable frequency as well, on LinkedIn.