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I need a new PC. Oy and whew!

If you are like me, you know enough to be dangerous when it comes to tech purchases, and the very thought of thinking about looking for and evaluating a new PC makes you sweat megabyte-sized bullets.

I asked my PC guru, and he asked Dell, his preferred supplier, and they came back to me, with 57 line items (how can they stuff 57 electronic things into a box that size?) and what else comes with a 5 page order? A massive total price at the bottom!

Holy oy, I said. Well, sort of.

I am in the IT guru’s able hands, of course, as I trust him with my electronic life, in all its aspects that I live, eat, and breathe data on my computer.

I understand from a later conversation with him that current supply chain blips and burps are keeping me from getting exactly what he envisions I need. So they cobbled together a system that will suit me, even if ill-fittedly.

I told him I could survive another month of current agita from my aging PC, and hopefully the supply chain to Dell will reboot and upload the parts they, and I need.

Then, by tech miracle, a new quote came, with all I wanted, at a lower price and my new PC is coming next week. So I can save the next heart-gripping episode in the saga of selecting a new PC for another few years (at least 3, when the warranty ends, and the PC dies the next day, right?)

My Linkedin tie-in today, intrepid reader: you can follow Dell’s company profile Page (LinkedIn calls these Pages with a capital “P”) like I just did, to see if they will issue any public comments about viruses, tech meltdowns, supply chain woes, and/or new breakthroughs to add 100 more to the already 57 parts that makes this wonderful box crammed with technology easy and reliable for tech-admirers like me.

Or you can weed out some company Pages you no longer need to follow too. Here’s how to do either.

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