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45 years later, I was found on #LinkedIn

Of course there was no LinkedIn 45 years ago. Shudder the thought that we had to meet in person and really converse back then to make friends and meet colleagues.

He was an Israeli soldier who hung around us American students when we spent our Junior Year Abroad in Jerusalem at The Hebrew University. He wanted to improve his English and being college students, he picked up a lot of slang and 4-letter words. And his educated English also progressed. When we left in July 1976 (getting home just in time for the Bicentennial), we swore to keep in touch.

But life got in the way. And while I would never forget his name and his voice, I thought less frequently about him so many decades later. But I always remembered him with a smile on my face.

Then a couple of weeks ago, this arrived in my LinkedIn message box:

I was elated. Being a natural networker, I was fascinated by what he had accomplished in the interim. We spoke on the phone, emailed, and organized a reunion breakfast, because–get this–he has lived just 45 minutes’ drive from me for over 32 years!

And last week, as he told me, he heard a song on the radio and that reminded him of me and he then looked me up on LinkedIn, and he found me (of course!) and how to contact me, and folks, the rest is our new history together.

45 years separated by 45 minutes’ ride. Not for long.

So, the moral of this long parable of friendship rekindled, be very findable on LinkedIn.

Are you smiling yet? I was in our 2-hour meetup and still am!

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  1. Very pertinent. I am sure this would the case with many people who have lost touch with their friends, classmates over time

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