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You only get to do this once a year

Every day I’ll bet you at least one of your connections has a work anniversary.

Use LinkedIn’s work anniversary notifications as your daily annual prod to refine the connection group you enjoy, to those whom you give to get.

Use this as an opportunity to re-assess if you should remain connected to him or her.

Nurture some, discard others.  Be honest in your thinking:

Did the connection pan out or did it fizzle early? Did the nurturing you anticipated at the outset wither due to lack of response or lack of interest?

Congratulate, in words, those who you want to add your pat on the back. Like: “Bravo, Bill, they are lucky to have you” or something equally warm (emojis are not warm!), This prods them to thank you back, re-establishing conversation. Who knows where this might lead you both?

For the stragglers, no worries about disconnecting; LinkedIn does not notify the other party you disconnected. They merely drop from 1st level to 2nd level connection when they look at your profile. They will likely agree it wasn’t going very far and a necessary house-cleaning anyway.

Besides, it’s a lot easier to neaten up a little bit daily, than the major time commitment it takes to clean all the connections out at one time (that you have been procrastinating anyway!). 

Tomorrow, a guest blog piece by content marketing expert Carolyn A. Schultz and it’s on-point, as I expected she would be!


1 thought on “You only get to do this once a year”

  1. Cleaning up my “LinkedIn Connections” list is just like the snowstorm we just had. At first, it appeared to be an overwhelming task, but I managed to clean our property and a senior’s property, one shovelful at a time. When it was done, I was very proud of myself for what I had accomplished. But, one thing Marc did not mention. You can “Remove Connection” and they can still be “Following” you. ….Time to go on shoveling, one “Connection” at a time.

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