Go away 2020. You made life too hard, took away too many, and challenged us in ways we never imagined.

Yet we persevered and can beat the virus back. Not as quickly and as intelligently as we could have. Not with any guidance. But science prevailed and here we are.

Business is down, upward momentum stymied. I stand by my clients, have been fortunate to add a few new ones, but still 2020 will be the nadir after some great years, as I must rebuild.

Welcome 2021. Reconstruct and renovate.

Hopefully you took my earlier advice to market your butt off so when we eventually come out of the pandemic into a new age, your rockets are flaring.

I implored you to rise to the occasion and be the paragon of customer service that you want to receive, if the tables are turned.

I showed you some changes in a slightly revised LinkedIn’s user interface, offered you specific tactics to get noticed, and serialized thoughts on using Linkedin that we all need to emulate.

I introduced you to guest bloggers, carefully selected for their perspective and insights, all with a LinkedIn twist added.

I spoke to you and you spoke back to me. I appreciate that.

As in every blog piece here, it is offered as a light piece of (hopefully) enjoyable  reading to start your day: positive, useful, and brand marketing as a focus.

Finally, here are some blog stats that also make me happy, and again, thank you!

These numbers come from WordPress, the platform I recommend for blogging, and shows marked increase over the previous years. (You’ll have to take my word for that.)

I welcome visitors and viewers from around the world, in all industries and walks of life. They tell me where they found my blog and why the blog posts help them.

In turn that helps me orient my viewpoints as expressed here.

I coined #MarcRocksLinkedIn, and yes, my blog posts also appear on my company Facebook page and on Twitter.

I strive to rock where I roll out my thoughts best, so keep watching me in the coming year.

Please keep telling me how I rock you back.