A fly on Pence’s head. A stain on your shirt. A typo in your LinkedIn profile.

As seen the other evening, once there’s a visual diversion, that’s all we focus on. For two minutes a fly caused national distraction, and it is still being spoken of days later as I write this.

No one looks you in the eye paying full attention to what you are saying when you have a stain on your shirt. Or a speck of pesto between your teeth. They are laser-focused on what you don’t want them to beam in on.

Similarly, a typo on your LinkedIn profile, in any of the ways you see in the graphic above causes the reader to momentarily stop, lose concentration, refocus more on “how did they ever let that happen?” than “I need this person” and they move on.

You have lost the opportunity and they never return.

Spell check is not enough. I wrote here earlier about “read aloud” on Microsoft Word.

A “do as I do moment” just occurred. I corrected more than one typo in this blog post that spell check did not catch, but Read Aloud made me hear! So make both work in tandem, I assure you that you will be glad you did.

Egad, now you better review your profile for typos! I hope you find none. If you do, you can psychically thank me.