voice iconLinkedIn profile improvements can turn into whole renovations for some of my clients. It takes a lot of planning, creative forethought, and writing. That process requires a few revisions and edits, which leads to typos, and I know that all too well!

Microsoft Word’s spell check is not perfect by any means. Good but not great. I have found that reading my work out loud to myself is another method of perfecting my writing.

But I recently discovered something that’s been right in front of me all the time, but I never used. Word has a function to have a mechanical voice read your material to you over your speakers. And it’s really good.


  1. Open a Word document, select “review” from the top tabs in the blue header, then click “Read Aloud” from the second row of instructions.
  2. That opens the controls on the far right of the screen for the automated voice that will read the document to you. Place your mouse anywhere on the document and click the > arrow om t he controls, and you are being read to.
  3. Choose from various speeds of reading, forward. backup, or pause, and in various voices (I like “David”).

Final edits are in play on my new book right now and this function has really helped me send a better manuscript to my editor as I discovered inconsistencies, duplicated words, poor grammar, and other syntax errors.

I suggest you use this function too when rewriting your LinkedIn profile using Word. 

There’s an idea that you can use, right away.