Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Don’t fence us out

Somewhere on a Vermont country road

Fences are everywhere.

Please drop the fences around your mental need to tell others your worth.

Many professionals I come across, including 2 new coaching clients I picked up a couple of weeks ago, know that they have to say why them, they just can’t.

Fenced in. Fencing others out.

In the case of LinkedIn, fences do not make good neighbors. Your neighborhood is 706 million professionals who can search, read, fall in “like” with you, contact you.

You are expected to make them fall in “love.” As in sign your contract.

You know fences are defensive. However, business branding should be inviting.

Nevertheless we choose the fences we employ. Fences can be built with small holes like chicken wire and with large spaces in between like wooden horse fences. No matter what material you use, no matter where you construct them, no matter what size you allow between the barriers, something will either get stuck within, or prevented from getting in.

Stuck in or out defies the “social” in social media.

Don’t build fences.

Casual visitors will not attempt to jump your fence. It takes too much effort. Interested ones might too.

Let those in who can appreciate your worth, your ikiagi, your “why.”

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