This very pertinent question came in, and it’s worth careful consideration as you aim your posts to the right audience(s):

When I send a post does everyone get it? Do I need to send it to groups I’m a part of too?

My answer with exhibits:

  1. When you get ready to send it, before you compose it, select to whom you want it to go:

2. Click the “anyone” drop down to open it. Then choose from:

3. Select one radio button (default is “anyone”) and don’t forget to click “save.”

4. If you decide to send to multiple audiences, post multiple times using different radio buttons.

5. If you decide to post to multiple groups, send to the groups by clicking their radio buttons and send to all at once.

Hope that helps,

It did.

And it’s worth repeating here because aiming high at the right readership is key to elevating your reputation.