Blogger's note: The past 2 days' blog posts this Monday and Tuesday were designed as an experiment to show you the difference between my personal and ChatGPT's AI-generated writing.

Perhaps you saw through the opaqueness of my challenge: that Monday’s post was me talking, and Tuesday was my asking AI to do so, with its very academic, or shall I say, stuffy, style. I asked it:

Write a short blog post of no more than 300 words, briefly discussing LinkedIn’s single best and single  worst attributes with some brief observation on what they could do to make the experience better for the average user, written in the style of Marc W. Halpert’s blog connect2collaborate.

I was unimpressed.

It could not contain itself to 300, or even 400 words, so it was not brief, and it certainly was not in my style of this blog.

So bloggers and writers with your own voice, this simple test awards AI a D.

Does it have application for formal proposal writing or academic articles? I am not sure. I fail to see the time saved if you have to edit so much that to write it fresh woud take less time.

I also do not understand why it cannot contain itself to 300 words, as I ordered. Frankly I was astonished and asked it several times to try again and each reply was way over that limitation.

I have no doubt it will someday get more personalized and “smarter” to actually take my commands, and do better to emulate my voice. But until then you get me, 110% all the time, no technoblabber and no stuffy BS academic discourse.

I will award it the grade D and not an F, because it did come up with one real benefit of LinkedIn that I opted not to highlight, but is worth mentioning: its networkability, not to be discounted. I just chose to focus on another attribute, its global communication.

PS: If anyone has a suggestion to offer for me to re-ask ChatGPT a better question to surface a more competitive reply, please suggest it in the comments below. I am a novice here so I look to some of you with more time and experience with this new tool for guidance.