Every week on Fridays you see me answer a question from a previous week.

It’s part of my promise to readers and clients that with all the changes on LinkedIn, you must have questions and I can supply answers.

But not with an answer for dummies. You are not dummies. You deserve better, so I endeavor to add some self-marketing ideas to the answer to implement and improve your LinkedIn experience.

Like a dollop of whipped cream on an ice cream sundae.
I just added a cherry on top of that.

You dig in with wild abandon, gobble it down, and make it part of your energetic being.

Like everything we learn and implement, it awaits our reactivating it and using it. The same is true of skills you list on LinkedIn.

My metaphoric imagery on this is that you placed that skill card in your cack pocket a while ago, to use it again. When you need it, you pull it out, play it on the table, and place it back in your pocket, newly improved and better than the last time, to be used in the future.

Not with whipped cream in your pocket, but with another layer of experience on the skill card, a patina, to show you can, and will use it.

Keep asking me questions and I will keep helping you.