Do you make your own compost? (Ok, you must be wondering, where is Marc going with this?)

As a gardening enthusiast, my flowers need a lot of nutrients the local soil cannot provide. Artificial fertilizers are nasty, so natural ones are preferred. The price of bagged compost is outrageous and the bags are heavy, plus I need quite a few to keep up with my addiction to conscious gardening. I want healthy pollinators after all!

My town offered a great price to entice residents to buy a dual chamber composting barrel and mine arrived last week. I put it together, not without some mild cursing along the way…ok I will admit it, and I am pleased to say I drew on my cobwebbed childhood Erector Set experience to nimbly thread a gazillion tiny bolts to an equal number of itty bitty screws, and voila, a clean shiny plastic composter on legs came into being.

Clean and shiny for a brief minute because in went a few weeks’ browns (shredded paper, chopped up cardboard, etc.) and greens (vegetable and plant matter plus crushed eggshells) in a ratio I learned by reading online and watching a few You Tube videos. And I gave it 5 turns to get the party started inside.

Pivot to LinkedIn since that’s why you came here:

  • Your profile is made up of many moving parts that form a whole picture of you.
  • Your profile must be shiny and you must always add to it and feed it, to nourish your connections and followers.
  • Your total career narrative is richer than the sum of its individual parts. Keep turning it, amalgamating it, and feeding it, to get the end result you seek. Some things will take care of themselves and other things need your direct intervention.

The process of composting, just like your career, is destined to provide you with a wealth of experience over time with the right mix of inputs and environments to allow you to enrich yourself and us.

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