I posted about this a few times here but the scourge is not over by any means: Bogus connection requests. UGH.  From:

  • Unreal people (bots). Nada.
  • Real people who think they have the right to approach us because AI at LinkedIn suggested us. And the lame messages they send! No way.
  • Finally, lonely people all over the world who do not know the importance of a business relationship of trust and mutual respect. They think they are deserving of a casual connection without any real explanation. Nope.

A connection is a privilege. It is to be taken seriously and nourished. Never assumed or abused.

Correct, LinkedIn is expiring unused accounts and we understand they are layering in an AI-based ID confirmation service to authenticate new members.

But here’s what we need to do, folks, everyone, all the time:
1) report the bad guys to LinkedIn and
2) block them.
3) expect LinkedIn to send a message saying they investigated and the BS message you received is not outside the Community Guidelines, so that’s why I just block them from the beginning and  take care of business.
4) follow the instructions in the link below they sent me, to adjust your settings.

Hope this helps: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a1341808?lang=en.

It’s not a perfect fix but so far I am cautiously optimistic since my BS connection requests have dropped precipitously.