This came in from my 20+ years’ networking relationship with a respected colleague (no names to be mentioned) in which he emailed:

Marc, look at this one!

Can you spell sales pitch? We should connect because we share a passion for coaching? So do a lot of people.

LinkedIn recommends that we connect? So what?

Do I believe for a minute that coaches go from zero to 20K in 90 days? I’ve been around the block. It doesn’t work that way. But I’ll bet he makes the 20K selling naïve coaches.

He received this unsolicited connection request/sales BS:

Dear {his first name}. I hope this message finds you well. 😊LinkedIn recommended that we connect, and I wanted to reach out to you since I noticed that we share a mutual passion for coaching and business success. So, I wanted to share the following with you: Our company specializes in helping coaches and service providers at any stage in their business by implementing our unique strategy – The {service name}. We guarantee that our method can take coaches from zero to a consistent $20K+ per month in 90 days or less, and then we help you scale up. The best part is that our approach is 100% organic and has a proven track record of helping our clients achieve a predictable flow of appointments into their calendars converting these into high-ticket clients; without the need to invest in sales funnels, websites, or ads.  If you’re interested, I’d be happy to share more information with you? Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a fantastic day, {sender’s first name}

Isn’t this pathetic? Like: I have a bridge to sell you…

Don’t assume (because you know what that stands for) that people are willing to buy from you until they know your value proposition from experience with you or by referral to you.

When I get these, I immediately report it to LinkedIn HQ and a block them from access to my profile and sending me any messages. Period.

I suggest you do the same.