F the algo.

Blasphemy? Perhaps.

But is it worth contorting your use of natural language and intelligent presentation on LinkedIn to achieve whatever goal you aspire to, just to appease an ever-changing, secretive formula, only to have to rethink everything again and again? every few months?

Does this contribute to widespread LinkedIn social media anxiety? I see and hear it all the time. We seem to be slaves to the algo.

I say F the algo. There I said it again!

Everyone I work with has a different career story.

Everyone has a unique way to fill in each section to accomplish something specific to themselves and their desired outcome.

How can a mathematical equation that you cannot touch or feel serve you? You should serve you.

Why do we worship the findings of the nerds who test the algo again and again to find repetitive results, only to create volumes of hot material, that are already dated and perhaps no longer true once they are published? You should address your readers with your heart and mind. Not blind belief.

This is madness. End the insanity and get on the path of telling a rich, compelling and natural language story of “why you.”

Now is this sounding like blasphemy?

OK to disagree with me.