OK, so you wear many faces in the course of your day.

You have one face to your public, another to your private entourage, and yet another to those who do not yet know you.

Only one will appear real to an outside observer.

As you see in this picture I took at NYC’s Easter Parade, you can wear it all at once….told in your own way on LinkedIn.

All your inputs to your private profile are seen by connections, a privilege they get that you allow them, but only some of your materials are on your public profile. It’s your decision how much the public can see and it is all under your control.

But I advise you to be sure to tell as much as you can to connections in your private profile, of course, without going overboard. Or as little as you want, without being too obtuse to the casual connection/reader who departs your private profile none the better for having given you a chance to refer you to others to then again tell your story.

Goldilocks knew it just took experimentation to get it just right. So can you.