My friend Adair Heitmann was honored, not once, not twice, not thrice, but 4 times.

She posted the news on a LinkedIn post. Great.

As we all know, we are bombarded with posts all day every day. A post mentioning her honors is but a snowflake in a snowstorm. The rest of them fall on top and bury the post. The honors do not see the light of day in a few hours.

I congratulated her and then looked at her profile.

No honors mentioned on her profile. She hadn’t opened the Honors and Awards section–yet.

I reminded her that we need to know of this extremely well-deserved news and she could memorialize it in her LinkedIn personal profile Honors and Awards section, so everyone can continue to see it, well after the fact.

And so she did:

Nice work on all fronts, Adair.  Congratulations 4 times!

I am happy to nudge all of you reading here  to tell the world about how honored we are to have you, for contributing your:

  • art in whatever form it takes,
  • earned skillset,
  • experienced expertise,
  • time commitment, and/or
  • whatever peers recognize you for.

Have you left an award or honor out of your profile? Tell us or we may never know.