No, not reporting for jury duty.

Yes, reporting LinkedIn scams, bots, InMails offering me a new girlfriend, lame self-introductions thinking that it will lead me to connect with them, and other nuisances that don’t belong in a business setting of LinkedIn: yes, I will continue to report them. Because it is our duty to report these, each and every one of us, each time they stain our screen.

And yes, a report comes back as LinkedIn continues to explain in their findings that they received my reporting these, and yes “they know it’s not the response I had hoped for” but they apparently do not see or feel the annoyance of receiving these multiple times a day. Because AI customer service is not feeling anything (yet).

But I shall persevere.

I will report each and every one of these ill-conceived attempts to speed bump my using LinkedIn smoothly.

I will help self-police LinkedIn and hope you will too.

Together we can improve this place.

LinkedIn, I am telling you nicely for now, that you need to fix the algo to stop these BS messages. It’s just plain wrong. You alone can stop this. We cannot, without your intervention on our behalf, so please take one baby step to improve our user experience.

And LinkedIn, with all the abuse that you do not police for us, do you wonder why so small a percentage of LinkedIn members use the platform to its fullest???