I heard this from him and thought to myself, “I get tied up too,” but I always circle around to follow bona fide leads and referrals that bit but never went the next logical step.

He did not. He strung me along, project to project, too busy to invest in himself. Too busy for me.

So I untied myself from his Gordian knot and ejected. (Actually it was not so complex. I have a simple resolution, so read on…)

Then he came back to me, “I am ready for you now.”

And I asked him what would make him adhere to my required 4 sessions, pre-scheduled at signing of my proposal, over the next 5 weeks? Would he reschedule, and reschedule the rescheduled session, messing up my (and others’) schedule? He had no promises. He had long ago ceased being a promising client.

Since as far as I know the world does not revolve around him, I untied myself again.

Not going to play this game, I said to myself (and to him in a nicely worded email) and while we were there, those rates I quoted to you six months ago have increased, as has everything. Bye bye.

I felt so good having the control of my world, time, pricing, expertise, and appreciation for me as a professional, even if he never did in the first place.

I rock my own world when I cannot others’. I am entrepreneur, hear me roar.