…and if I tell it right you will remember it.

And I win over others I compete with who do not tell great career stories.

I had a zoom chat with a corporate storyteller the other day, and we both were on point, with stories of great, and not-so-great times that transmuted our careers, telling them well and transfixing each other. All in the best ways.

So here’s a story:

I was speaking about the complexities of LinkedIn and how I am working with a visual storyteller to make my concepts easier to digest, and when I mentioned his first name, she exclaimed, “I bet it’s { } and know him well!”

Now we are really cooking, and my stories about him were wrapping this package into a nice bow.

A great call, with promising upside for both of us in the referral arena.

Am I telling you to liberally lather and spout names in your conversation, well, no.

Just be aware that in the great scheme of the business universe, and I always say, all the good people know each other. And that was proven to me once again.

Because I was relating a story of my continuing development as a speaker and thought leader, to a story-absorber.

Aren’t we all doing just that all the time? I think so! Just some do it so much better than others.

Do you have an exceptional story of adversity and redemption that you want to tell us here? I am giving you the podium!