Perusing my morning email chunk, I stopped dead in my electronic tracks.


Hey, sender(s), did you do your homework? Did you review the addressees to be sure you got through to those you thought would be interested? Did the name Marc remind you of a female, ever?

You obviously did not. Marketing fail.

Pivot to LinkedIn.

Is your profile providing relevant, reliable, and referrable copy to convince someone to put you on the “I gotta call them” list? Or do you blast it out and not know or care or pray who may even see it? Or delete it? Send this to me enough times and I will just ignore you. Person who cried “wolf.”

Is the thoughtful commentary you place on LinkedIn at all relevant, reliable, or referrable too?

Both or one or neither?

If one or neither, you have a rewrite assignment to complete to get the most attuned, astute, and  attractive attention you can. Then you earn an A.

But you have to deserve it.

To the senders of that email and its graphic, you definitely did not earn the grade, the new or the old fashioned way.

Marketing F.