The question came in (and it reminded me of a few occasions when’s happened to me too!):

Hi Marc, I have a new link to add to my post from yesterday. I need to replace the article, but when I go to edit the post, it doesn’t allow me to remove the article. Do you know how to do this?

Basically the links from this site were hacked. Thanks.

Yes, this does happen.

(And another thing I have experienced is that links change over time. So your old, revered post is accessed by someone on LinkedIn months after you originally posted it, and it leads to an electronic dead end.)

Try to edit the link and see if that works.

If not, my advice to her in this case was:

Suggest you remove the old post and replace with a new one. Best you can do under the circumstances.

Then improve the newly edited post with a comment that you wanted to correct the post but the LinkedIn gremlins were mischievous, so you had to repost it.

Then add another sentence to add new context to that original post (or just copy your comment again-either!) and put it on your Home Page wall for all to see you cared enough.

All fixed, or better with your new comments.

Keep asking me questions!