With LinkedIn changes nearly daily, and sometimes multiple in a day, it takes a community to keep up.

That’s a tribute to my fellow LinkedIn coaches, who notice things days before I even see them, (no thanks to the algorithm that anointed them, more worthy than me), to get the benefit.

Bitter, me? No, it’s OK. I am not a news reporter. I’d rather digest the changes and find the marketing silver lining in them before I advise you to pick up those shiny new pennies.

I am sometimes a proud outlier on LinkedIn among my peers. 45 changes can’t be absorbed and implemented and maximized and yet your narrative stays relevant, reliable and referrable (my 3 R’s).

Rather, it makes your profile dizzying.

I’d prefer your maintain a sharper focus on what you are projecting to readers rather than shining the laser lights of new bells and whistles to the exclusion of you message.

I suggest you do the same.

Is your message cogent, concise, concentrated? Are your posts relevant, reliable, referrable?

They needs to be.

Would you contact yourself, to perhaps buy from you, based on what you say in your profile?