My kids used to complain about leg pain during growth spurts. Physically, their legs were growing longer as the bones were stretching.

I just hung up from a networking group zoom call among us remaining stalwart members, The group is floundering without the required zest among the remaining (missing) members enough to attend, much less to contribute referrals and report on successes. It’s painful. We cannot even stretch, we just contract. We needed to re-assess and in an hour we outlined a fresh call to action.


Your career narrative will have growth and reversals. You will succeed and learn from why you did not, in other instances. It’s part of the life cycle of our work. And it’s especially painful when you are the company. No one to delegate to, or pin an assignment on, it’s on you to persevere and grow each day, not only in spurts.

Tell us the story of the projects that you won. Ask others to tell us the anecdotes when others recognized your superpowers they actually witnessed. Collect the not-so-pleasant events and collapse them into the learning curve and narrate the new path to a growth trajectory you aspire to.

Pain will dissipate to elation. Everyone loves a story of redemption against adversity. Of triumph over challenges that tasked us.

Where to tell this?

On your LinkedIn profile.