I received this LinkedIn message from a colleague:

‘morning, Marc.  Question about LinkedIn algorithms…..   If you want to comment on someone’s post or article in order to extend the reach of that content, is there an ideal time to make that comment?   Situation – I see something from a person or company that I’d like for my network to see.  If I comment at 7am, will more people see it that day, as compared to 7pm??  Do weekend interactions still get seen the next week?

My reply:

Thanks for asking. I say comment when you see it, to keep it fresh.

End your comment and ask for your connections’ comments on yours, as a call-to-action.

Wait a day for the comments to come in. Then revive the earlier comment starting with “ICYMI, I posted this on {date} and I am still interested in your comments.” Add the link to the earlier post.

So IMHO, there is no one time that is best or one day that is best. Your following will reply to you whenever as a tribute to the good work you bring them.