In my town we have a Facebook group called Fairfield Shares, designed to feature stuff you no longer need, that others do. Reduces the junk at the dump. And it’s amazing to see what others  can do, to use what we no longer want.


Do you give away your expertise?

I do, in very limited quantities.

I’ve said here over and over, once you are my client, I am pleased to answer one-off questions and if I deem the answer to border on consulting, I advise the recipient.

There is no free lunch. or dinner, or zoom chat, in these cases. I’ll repeat a link to my previous blog post on this topic.

I spent a lot of time and effort to understand the beast that LinkedIn is, and taming it for you is revenue for me. I mean this in the most sincerely respectful, friendly way.

I practiced my own advice and told a longtime connection this when she solicited my help renovating her 2 company profile pages recently.

Her respect for my craft was obvious from the beginning. No surprises or misunderstanding, as we arranged ahead of the end of the initial 10 minutes the estimated time and expense she and I need to spend on her desired outcome.

Not giving it away. Earning it.