Change is ongoing. Sometimes it seems you cannot keep up. LinkedIn is evolving at warp speed.

My fellow LinkedIn coaches have recorded over 100 changes to LinkedIn in 2022 and already year-to-date 2023, 11 ones they speak about and quite a few minor ones too.

How can you stay on top of these? Ask us. Tell us when you notice one. Play with some new function you run across on someone else’s profile and co-opt it to yours.

Definitely don’t despair. Too often I hear the complaint, “How the heck can I renovate my profile when I can’t keep up with all the changes?”

I say, it’s a 2023 application of the 80-20 rule: spend time and brain cells by concentrating on your profile that people are reading (make it your excellent-er important-er career narrative) and be memorable by showing color and motion on your profile (video, graphics, etc. to prove your written points).

This is the heart of the matter, as I say “what makes the readers of your profile fall in ‘like’ with you enough to contact you.”

And comment with relevance, reliability and be referrable as a result.

Make changes over time so we can read how you are morphing with your industry and the competition, never letting your profile get stale. Or petrified.

Then, let the little details fall together over time as you master the 80% basics and then you can apply the 20%–the decorative, nice-to-have extras–when needed.


That makes you stand out and eclipse the competition.