I don’t exactly recall when I first heard this term, but it sure can apply to LinkedIn profiles I have seen.

And not in a good way.

Bragging is not a virtue on LinkedIn. Period.

Do you savor hearing crickets and snores about all the amazing things you did over the many years? Then go right ahead and layer on a laminate of self-impressive things you did.

But don’t expect anyone to spend the time to read them, or understand why this makes you amazing-er, unless you take the higher ground and weave stories of how you arrived at certain plateaus, despite adversity.

Everyone loves a redemption story, and they will remember yours only if you make it a saga of the forces of light that you brought to defeat the shadowy forces you faced. And layered on ever more challenging stories to show your progression.

Not “I did this” and “I won that” and “I am amazing because.”

But why: “I was instrumental in accomplishing {whatever it was} in an environment of challenging forces {such as} that seemingly made the assignment impossible. However, realizing I could marshal together {name the skills and characterize the insight in whatever it was}, I persevered and arrived at the goal, {under budget, ahead of the time deadline, or whatever seemed insurmountable}. I learned about myslef {how did this shape my future to where I are today, and beyond?}.

And use the right pronouns: {I/we/me/mine} above, in complete sentences, active voice, with rich verbs.

Now that the story is introduced in a pointed way, you should reference the specific skills that were needed to get to the finish line and layer the endorsements by colleagues and clients who saw you get there.

And get the client(s) you benefitted to write a short and pointed recommendation that adds their perspective to your story told above.

So you see, a LinkedIn profile is not a regurgitation of conspicuous consumption factoids, but rather, a rich, colorful, textured woven tapestry of a career that was successful for smart and mortal happy endings.

It’s your odyssey, mere mortal. Make us want to accompany you.