I’ll take that as a compliment…

I had 20 minutes to revise the group’s thinking on how to make LinkedIn more effective.

Many on the networking call are LinkedIn observers, laid back and watching the global business communication tool that LinkedIn is. Silence is not golden in this case.

Some just clap hands or point thumbs up. Yawn.

Others are afraid of taking a stand on social media, principally LinkedIn, for fear of getting bombarded with connection requests from HR execs who are LIONS who send ChatGPT-sounding introductions (yes, we all get these, right). Does that stop you from pursuing clients to introduce them to your unique business proposition?

Drink from the firehose, gulp what you can, and consume the best ideas I can give you.

Yes, it’s high-energy, but so am, I so I am just being me.

Nor should they doze off from reading your petrified LinkedIn profile. This is you opportunity, and once you tell your why, they need to contact you to drink more from the faucet.