I am getting pummeled with cheap, lazy, boilerplate connection requests, some just plain laughable, yes, laughable in that they are like knocks on my door and when I ask “who’s there?” no one responds.

Some I actully ask “How can I help you?” Silence is broken by my ignoring their request after 2 weeks.

So I made an adjustment to my profile and moved this language in my About significantly up higher in that section, for the casual (i.e., lazy) reader to know why they are being rejected:

Note: if you want to connect, my policy is that we must already be doing business or that prospect is very close. When you ask to connect, use the word “amazing-er” in your connection request message (showing me you’re aware of my policy).

No message? I’m not connecting. Period.

I expect it still will not be foolproof for the fools who take the easy way out and hope their connection request they throw on the wall actually sticks.
Not here. I suggest you disregard the same.
They can toss that elsewhere, right?