What is he talking about this time? you may wonder. Let me explain.

When we speak, one pro to another, it’s a meeting of the minds, the sum total of our experiences from our past coming together to make our collective present fruitful, and with great prospects for our future interaction, whatever that may be. Past, present, future.

When we correspond, we elaborate in well-chosen words, graphics, video, or a combination, to make the point effectively and efficiently. Nothing is left untouched that is part of the decision that needs to be made: email or text, voicemail or whatever, well-chosen for the tool it needs to be in order to get the job done well.

We communicate up. We network up. We elevate our capabilities–to the summit–never lower than you can go, always as high as you can.

You just have to want to exceed.

So will your colleagues cheer you on. The “hurrah”s will be heard at the top.

You want to be surrounded with colleagues who believe in your expertise and vision. They rise with you.

Make your LinkedIn persona the best, the brightest, the highest, the most referrable you can.

People respect those at the summit, and those learning, in their process of climbing.

When you get to the top, breathe.



And you will echo.

You made it and deserve to talk about it, for what you had to go through to get there. Only you can tell your career narrative on LinkedIn, best over any other place.