My daughter had a music box from Disneyworld that played “It’s a Small World” when opened. And she listened to it all the time!

Not unlike opening a Zoom call with someone in Luxembourg, South Africa, Canary Islands, Serbia, Pakistan, India, or any of the far-flung places brought together via the almighty internet> We can all speak easily and openly, like we are around the corner or across town.

I never fail to be astonished at the ease of cross-national, cross-cultural, cross-timezone communication today. Truly this is the silver lining of pandemic isolation; it allows us to build connections that foster  collaboration and coordination, as we all are in this together–what I call “rowing the boat in the same direction”–far more effectively as a cohort, than rowing on our own.

I have lifelong friends I may never lay non-electronic eyes on, yet we maintain a regular connection interval, accountability and personal details included, update each other onbusiness and family life, compare notes and observations. Hopefully one day we will cross paths and meet. For now, LinkedIn is my favorite educational channel on my Zoom box.  And it makes beautiful music!

I so appreciate my global entourage of Octopi, Brains, and so many other thought leaders who so inspire me.