Ever do a 360–on yourself?

It’s very revealing. If you open your eyes and visualize how others see you based on their comments or actions.

In my old corporate days I used to get an annual review and hear what my workmates and other “stakeholders” really thought about me. I had a few startles, and glowingly memorable comments, to help me adhere to company culture,  which I normally absorbed and amplified, unless of course, it undermined my personal beliefs. I called it quits in the corporate world in 2001 and thought being on my own would be liberating.

Not so much.

In fact, it got more complicated.

I am now serving many “masters,” principally among my clients and prospects, but also my service providers and other vendors, as we dance the mating ritual. Until we sign up for new business or repeat.

And those I cannot see as in my LinkedIn readers followers, and connections, well, either they stand apart by their comments, or they blend together. And they do so, both or either, when I am not able to engage in eyeball 1:1 conversation.

So I have to make an immediate impression in my profile.

They like it, or they leave. They refer me or they don’t. I earn it.

I am now appreciating imagery and visualization more than ever, having gained new colleagues who are experts in that field, reading their books, articles, whitepapers, etc. to tap their wisdom, so my being viewed visually, in stories and graphics complementing my words, make my LinkedIn profile a win-win, never a crapshoot.

Throwing stuff on the wall and hoping it sticks is not my idea of quality.

I say: be visible on LinkedIn, use visual tools, visualize yourself as others might. 3 V’s.

They combine with my 3 R’s to allow you to stand out in the crowd in an entirely fresh and honest way, “why you.”