I was putting my kids to sleep and I used ChatGPT to read them a story.

Yes, she said on a webinar last week.

As it sunk in, I realized this AI thing has become too big to handle. Way too unwieldy and way too easy, so way too insensitive.

Why? Some of my favorite moments raising my kids was reading them a story when it was time to go to sleep. We first chose a well-worn book from among many and nestled in to get relaxed and sleepy. With my voice, to their ears and imaginations, from their physical books.

Not that I am judging her or suggesting my way to raise kids is right. Or hers is wrong.

Just that it is dramatically different.

But is nothing sacred anymore? Isn’t Babar or Goodnight Moon or the Berenstain Bears still simple enough? Still kid-friendly?

Or has ChatGPT taken over the one-to-one nightly ritual story time with kids?

So when you are next renovating your LinkedIn story in your profile, reach higher and dig farther by using your creative brain, not the hack of pre-packaged electronics that are so easy to pull down and plug into.

Give them something to remember.

Be a creator or teller of a memorable story, in the timeframe it was told, by whom it was told, to whom it was told.

Be human, not mechanical.