I see a lot on LinkedIn. The comments range from unbelievable bragging and self-aggrandizement to belittlingly soft-pedalling your achievements.

It’s intended to be marketing. But the extremes are not. They are just bad advertising. Like the TV ads you see for some SAAS products that leaves you wondering, “WTF was that?” “And they think I want to buy that?”

What’s the marketing advice I give my clients that seems to make sense in our noisy world? A few aspects of this:

  • Tell us what the achievement means to you, why is it noteworthy, for us to take notice? Lead us into its meaningfulness to see better why you do what you do.
  • How long did it take to achieve this and what did you learn along the way to the achievement?
  • Why does this make you a more adept at your {title/expertise}?
  • How does possessing this newfound knowledge make you eclipse your competition?

Telling us is your opportunity to speak for yourself and in your own words, from your own lens. It’s yours to do well. Or not.

So say what you mean for us to carry away.

Then you are relevant, reliable, referable. 3R’s.