LinkedIn has a new habit of suggesting names to approach to ask to connect, based on some artificial reasoning that we have something in common. And it’s getting out of hand. Mine has been suggested to all sorts of promiscuous linkers. Yup, I said it.

I got this gem one day last week. Uh, no name or any info, so I am sure it’s bogus. So I blocked and reported it, like I advocated here before.

Then in a few seconds I got two more, not as ridiculous but lame, nonetheless.

Lonely people looking for something to read, do, say, comment. Not on my profile.

That got me thinking, there must be a setting or control to stop these. I went to the Help Center. Nothing. I went to Settings and Privacy. Nothing. So I created a LinkedIn Help ticket, and within a couple of hours, got this reply, an excerpt from which is:

We don’t have that specific functionality available, but I’ve sent your suggestion to our product team for consideration. When many of our members ask for the same improvement, we try our best to get it done. However, due to the large number of suggestions we receive, we can’t provide a timeline.

Let’s hope they elevate this if enough people (like me) ask.

Will you ask them too, as a grass roots effort to end cheap promiscuous (no other word suffices) connection requests?