I was in a networking meeting and after I gave my elevator pitch, a new prospective member reached out to me to connect on LinkedIn.

Not being a promiscuous Linker, I offered some days and times for a zoom call, all within the zoom chat function, to get to know each other first. How we can help each other, yada yada.

We agreed on a mutually convenient bat date/bat time and after the meeting, I started forming the zoom invite via my Outlook calendar. I went to his LinkedIn profile, and oops no email address in the contact details to place in my invite.

I googled him and no email address was coming up.

This is getting time-consuming.

I went to his website–no email address either–and all I could do was key my name, email address, and a message to ask for his email address on his Contact Us page. Sent.

I am now wondering what other people do to email, call, text, or smoke signal him. Probably go to the competitor and give up. (Neither is good for business, right?)

I waited for a reply and when it came, my zoom invite went.

Guess what question I asked him first seconds of the zoom call? And you have seen me write about this here before.

You haven’t? OK, I’ll tell you:

Can I suggest as a LinkedIn coach that you reevaluate how you come across if it’s hard to get an email message to you, a text, a phone call?

Yes, I can be pedantic. But the lightbulb went off in his head–I could hear the click.

I watched his eyes as he added all that contact info while we chatted.

He finished and thanked me for the reminder. “Been meaning to do that…” he murmured.

Once again, mission accomplished. One person at a time….