Something on my LinkedIn Feed was screwed up.

I kept seeing this annoying post as an ad by MailChimp on my LinkedIn Feed. It’s jarring at first and after the second time, just a nuisance. And it keeps on appearing! With repetitive ice-cream-truck-type music. Ugh.

Besides, I wondered, where are all the brilliant posts from my very esteemed colleagues?

I was very steamed, so I decided to do something about it.

Perusing the Help Center, I discovered that LinkedIn makes “Top” items appear over and over again in the sort option on the Feed, by default. The only way to remedy this is to frequently switch from “top” to “Recent.”

Painful and silly, especially since the recently introduced the “bell” as a way to see the posts from those people you truly want to read, as soon as they post.

Be advised: “Top” as a sort option on the Feed will definitely outgun the Bell.

Go figger.

Go click “Recent.” Check it often too.