Each Monday I take 14 steps to open a new week, one filled with anticipation (in a good way) and promise.

In my corporate days, Mondays were filled with dread and anxiety. That emotion was so 22 years ago!

What are those 14 steps? Mine are the steps down the stairs to my basement office, “the dungeon” as I call it, that opens up to my own place for contemplation and management for my day, my day-to-day, my week. 22 years of weeks…

No Calendly for this guy, no canned copy, or quick hacks, or AI-infused jabber.

All from my heart, my mind. Motivation for much of my work comes from a great quote:

If you’re going to develop your brand, the last thing you want to do is follow the beaten path. You want to head down your own road. Your brand has to plant itself in the hearts and minds (especially the hearts) of prospects and customers.

My path has a lot of bumps and steps and fumbles and wins in my own road. I suggest you find the voice to tell your career story (you can always do better!) in your LinkedIn profile from both the heart, and the mind.

Need help because it’s all bottled up in you? Let me know how to unlock your story.