It seems Twitter is on its last wing.

Last week it was reported they were auctioning off the office furnishings and equipment in their San Francisco HQ. The news today showed they are in arrears on the rent in their NYC and London offices. Musk has an interest payment on his debt to fund purchasing Twitter later this week. Will he make it?

Is this soap opera best named “As the Tweet Turns”?

I see LinkedIn subtly making changes to accommodate Tweeps (people who Tweet, for the record). I cannot point to anything concrete but as we know they can make a change to the UX (user experience) without warning and in a flash one morning.

And not so subtly; specifically on the mobile app, you can now get on-the-go access to:

Newsletters: as in the latest editions of your favorite Newsletters. (You do have one, don’t you?)
Videos: as in which videos that are gaining traction among viewers on LinkedIn (You have to admit you watch videos…)
Today’s top 10 highlights: as in the curated most-held conversations on LinkedIn (You do comment don’t you?)

So wait for it and watch for it, but be in the commenting game on LinkedIn: in your own words, linking articles you like and tell us why, and sharing video we need to see and benefit from.

Change is inevitable on LinkedIn and always uncomfortable, in small rumblings and great upheavals.