There he was, a face and name I had not seen on my LinkedIn screen in quite some time, a LinkedIn coaching client from 5 years ago.

His face had changed, his work too, and I took the calculated risk he would respond to my comment:

Haven’t seen your name on my screen in a long time. How are you doing?

In moments, he replied:

I’m good! Let’s find time to catch up. Are you around this week?

And we set up the zoom call for the next day.

We caught up on successes and energies from the past 5 years, the effect of the pandemic on us and our industries,  family, and tales of new opportunities and how they came about from networking. Most of all, he has launched a sidebar career, as a painter of canvases and also makes art prints as well. And he is having commercial success–knowing him that’s no surprise. And it brings him new clients for his original business. No surprise to me at all.

Then the crackling in my head of connectivity kicked in and I left him with LinkedIn URLs of 4 people to reach out to and mention my name.

We ended with an agreement that when he is ready, we will formalize some coaching sessions to review and amend his profile to reflect his current endeavors. And future aspirations.

He is a multipreneur. I can advise him well, as I am too.

Now back in touch, caught up, we picked up where we left off.

I took the initiative. It took mere seconds to key in a short hello.

He appreciated my effort and walked away with more connectivity than he anticipated in our zoom chat.

That’s how I roll.