How are you coming across as a brand, as an expert, as a candidate?

  • Frowning instead of openly gulping opportunity?
  • Stuck in neutral instead of revving your engine?
  • Dragging yourself through the day instead of bounding and admired?
  • Afraid to talk about yourself when others are acing their brand?

Well, that happens to all of us from time to time. BUT you better be putting forth the best marketing version of yourself on LinkedIn, no matter how underwhelmed you are.

That’s self-branding and personal marketing.

Continuously. Continually.

There is a difference between these two words, and that means updating your LinkedIn audience what you are doing that is special, nonstop, and told frequently. Telling stories and anecdotes, sharing content you and others wrote, significant actions and efforts, novel ideas and industry trends you absorbed…you must have something to offer, right?

So do it as a post, as a comment to another colleague’s post, in an article on your LinkedIn Newsletter, in a carousel, in a podcast, in a blog post, in a video. The media is there.

You supply the smarts. Continuously. Continually.