Pop a post on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Perhaps a link to an article you read that you want to share, and why it’s worth reading.
  • Or an idea that you keep returning to that’s too good to pass up and you want to apply your POV.
  • Or maybe you have made a quiet discovery about something that you want to publicize to peers.
  • And then there’s a presentation you finished final edits to the slide deck that’s coming up and you want to add more eyes and ears to what you have to say, so give them the link to get them to register!

Put it on LinkedIn by going to your Home Page, start a post and place your comments and the link to the material (if applicable), and WAIT! before you click the “post” button, add a CTA, a Call To Action.

Then post it.

Here’s some suggested CTA language to choose from, or make your own:

  • Have you experienced this, and if so, tell us the backstory of how it happened.
  • Do you have any fresh ideas to help make this more useful in our industry?
  • Has this happened to you and how did you handle it?
  • Do you agree or not? If not, let’s enter into a professional conversation.

This LinkedIn watercooler is home for 875+ million professionals to chat and enrich each other. But you have to start the ball rolling. Ask for feedback. Then when it starts rolling in, be timely in responding and thankful for the comments. If all you get are emojis, ask the emojite why they chose that one, and in words, how can they add to it?

Ask for feedback in words.

Debate and converse. Nourish and learn. Every day.