OK, I made that title up. Here’s a real one I just saw on my screen:

“Everything you’d need to dominate LinkedIn in 2023 in 1 place.”

In 6 slides, on a carousel.

Is this the shiniest penny on LInkedIn in the new year? C’mon, who believes these things? Not me.

Worse, who writes them thinking we can benefit from them?

OK, I am fully aware I presented my 5 R’s last week. But I made it substantive. You commented and thanked me so I know I hit a cerebral nerve. I like to help make things memorable. Applicable. Useful. Complete.

But I never promise absolute universal success. In 6 easy clicks.

As I say to clients, I am your metaphoric tennis coach. Any bozo can hit a tennis ball with a racquet to land somewhere on the court. But it’s how well and strategically you use the form and etiquette I teach you to hit that ball, that makes you look best on the court.

So you may look good in your tennis whites, but can you win games? Most importantly, it’s how often you practice what I taught you and then you can win points, games, sets, matches, tournaments. No guarantees. You have to keep at it.

So it is with LinkedIn. No hacks, no shortcuts, no 50 ways to leave your lover (thank you Paul Simon for a catchy tune). It’s a long game. It’s how you often and how well mentally and physically approach the world to be a contender among 875+ million professionals. No number of pre-digested anyone-can-do-these written methods can ever equal the ways you approach your brand and present it to the world.

So get out there and practice. Learn, adapt, adjust, amend, apply.