Last week we covered your opining on an article you read elsewhere, bringing you insights and experiences to your readers that shows how valuable that article really is.

Today’s idea upping your LinkedIn game is about storytelling.

Yes, IRL sagas of how you came to be the expert you are. Not a longwinded story (because who has time to read it?) but consider relating short vignettes, anecdotes, etc. that demonstrate how they can best employ your skills, in action.

You can tell it. And you must. And after a while all those short stories will aggregate around themes, one or more skillset(s), creating a perception in the reader that you are the real deal.

But you can say anything you want on your profile, right? How can you make the stories even more powerful?

Part B of today’s suggested method of upping your game is to up the upping:

Get someone else tell the story of how you beat the odds, persevered, pulled the proverbial rabbit out of your hat while they appreciated the entire process.

Yes, ask those people who cheered you for your magic in an instance of pure brilliance to write a LinkedIn Recommendation attesting to the skills you demonstrated in that act of godlihood.

Remind them how this happened (to refresh their memory), suggest certain terms to use or skills to focus on to reinforce the these in your profile, and let them write on top of the bare bones you send in your Recommendation request. Manage the result from the beginning.

Now two sets of professionals are elevating you to Mt. Olinkedus: you and your best colleagues!

Go for it!