First in a new series for me, Upping Your LinkedIn Game.

Let’s think of the new year as a fresh slate. Get ready to scratch in some innovative ideas. Maybe they will work; if not, you keep on the same track: challenging yourself and your colleagues to learn, and do, better.

Here’s my first idea for you:

Curate a great article, post, blog, personal profile and showcase it to your connections, with your perceptions.


As expert as the person you are quoting is, you are adding your fine taste and professional POV to your readers’ body-of-knowledge and appealing to their higher intellect with your suggested reading.

You are instantly adding value.

Better, if you persevere in performing this favor as a service to your colleagues, posting great content routinely, they will rely on you, curating the best, and quoting you in a post (remember to add a call-to-action at the end of your post!), referring you to others, introducing you to like-minded professionals, and .. well, who knows where that leads you?

Be a valued sharer, tack on with your own comments on top of the great material you are sharing, adding your “why” to this piece makes you even more noteworthy in your readers’ views.

There’s just one way to up your LinkedIn game. More coming.

In the spirit of this blog post, feel free to add yours in the comments to this blog (or the LinkedIn post) you are seeing here.