I lost a friend and business colleague a couple of weeks ago. It was a shock as she was young beyond her 90 years, and I never thought of the world without her bright wit and lofty ideals in it, always there for me to tap into.

She loved my flower pictures, although she never saw this one. It is dedicated to her.

Yet life is short and fragile and I have lost enough friends and family members to remind myself to revel in the happy memories and recall them as having strengthened me, preserved as I knew them, rubbing off on me in perceptible, and often unseen ways.

As we say in the Jewish tradition, may her memory be a blessing. She was and her memory is.

And as a PSA to provide my readers with the protocol for removing a deceased LinkedIn member’s profile from the platform, (and please share this, or use it if you need it), here are the requirements:  https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/ask/ts-rmdmlp.


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