A client asked me on the phone, “do you know {so-and-so}? I need to get him on a zoom chat with you to get your opinion and get {it} done.”

Wow, really familiar name…my mind raced back to a mental image of the face, but that was all.

So with LinkedIn already open on my screen, I queried the name. In seconds.

There, now I remember–a marketing expert at a former client, with whom I really got along well, and the company used my services, and the marketer had complimented me in front of his company for my effectiveness.

How could I ever forget that, well, except it was 15 years ago! 

Relating the anecdote back, the client on the phone call immediately emailed my old colleague, and within a half-hour, we were reunited, I helped them with the issue that had been dogging them, and revived my problem-solver, no-BS, get-it-done reputation that I enjoy(ed) with both the clients, the present and the past, and now they want to discuss more business.

I’m asking: has this ever happened to you?

Was LinkedIn open on your screen (should be IMHO), and were you able to reconnect and remind the others that you get sh*t done, and do it well? Isn’t that what clients want, and right away?

True story, folks. Flash of light: be in the moment, eyes peeled on the open screen, fingers a-keying, to do the necessary memory-jogging. LinkedIn strikes again!


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