M. emailed me:

I have a quick question. If someone has a LinkedIn profile that they want to delete, is it possible to do this? My friend, B. noticed that there are two profiles with her name. One of them might be for her but she’s not positive. That entry is for B.F.; the other entry is for B.E.F.

B. wants to delete the first one. Is this something that you could help us with?

Sure can! So off I went to the LinkedIn Help Center and queried “duplicate accounts,” and I found 3 links that I sent back to M.:

That should do it. Follow the easy instructions and it worked out just fine, I am glad to report.

Advice: key your first and last name in the search bar at the top left of any LinkedIn page and search for yourself. If you find more than one entry for your name (and it’s really you, not someone with the same name!), you may be confused.

Yes, you created 2 profiles. (No one else can do that, although many argue with me they didn’t. Yes, they did! They may not remember but they did…) I advise you to fix it immediately using the three links above.

Imagine how confused someone searching who really wants to engage with you feels!


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