It’s been a busy blogyear. (A new way to tell time, like Captain Kirk’s stardate).

In 2022, so far, as I write this on 12/12, the stats are up, year-on-year, and trending really well over the past 3 years.

2,270 blog posts since I started.

That tells me I am speaking to you with ideas that resonate. That you want to spend time with me every business day. Globally. As I cover an array of LinkedIn-related topics.

Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. You get unvarnished ideas and thoughts here from me, a few guest blogs (yes, not enough!), answers to the best question of the week, and a back-to-basics review once a week too.


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I am Marc W. Halpert. Call me Marc.

I am a #linkedinexpert and #evangelist , now over 12+ years.

I teach how to tell #WHY you do what you do via LinkedIn for #selfbranding :

  • I coach individuals 1:1 on Zoom,
  • I train companies, professional firms, NGOs, and
  • I consult on LinkedIn techniques to market events and special projects.

All to be #amazinger than the competition. My word.

I wrote 2 LinkedIn books, 2 online e-courses, and you’ll hear me globally on podcasts.

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